Tanna Tesnow

'The Cherry Pie Fairy' 


(920) 839 - 5807

Chef Tanna began her early career as a private Chef at a large estate in Ellison Bay. She loved the challenge of creating exciting menu's that incorporated fresh and locally sourced food before it became trendy. Traveling often during the winter months became more of a quest for learning techniques and genres which fueled her curiosity of finding new ways to please the palates of her customers. 

Culinary enthusiast, Tanna Tesnow, is a Chef and Pastry Chef living in Northern Door County. Balancing her career, husband Todd, and parenting three teenagers keeps her very busy. 


Our Door County Cherry Pie in our signature decorated box with a pretty red ribbon and cherry bauble to help make the occasion that much more special. this is also great for giving a pie as a gift! 

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